Gazell is probably the oldest Swedish record label that is still completely independent and actively makes new phonograms. The record company Gazell was founded in 1949 in Stockholm by John Engelbrekt, who was also one of the founders of the legendary jazz club Gazell in a basement on Österlånggatan in Gamla Stan. The record company was taken over in 1957 by Dag Häggqvist, a 16-year-old student at Östra Real in Stockholm, who soon contacted the jazz pianist Rune Öfwerman. Their collaboration has lasted since then and after success with Rune Öfwerman Trio and a big hit with Ernie Englund's recording of "Gotlandsk Summer Night", Dag Häggqvist became in 1960 a partner in Sonet. For thirty years, Sonet grew and became the Nordic region's leading independent music company. After Sonet was acquired by PolyGram / Universal, Dag and Rune 1993 started running Gazell on its own again. Rune passed away in 2013.


 Gazell has three main activities:


 The Record Company Gazell Records AB aims to work with Swedish quality artists, especially in showcases, folk music and jazz and most vocal productions are in Swedish with a strong national character. Most Gazell artists are very active live and spread their music through regular performances around Sweden. The goal is that Gazell's productions have a long service life and remain available in the Gazell's catalog.


The music publishing company Gazell Music works primarily with Swedish composers and often with the artists who record for Gazell and who also write their own music. Among the most important works of Gazell Music are all songs from Astrid Lindgren and Georg Riedel's "Emil in Lönneberga". Gazell Music also has a significant activity as a representative of International Music Publishing company's from around the world.




Art Company Editions Sonet AB is the third branch of Gazell. The company was founded in 1969 and has since worked mostly with international original graphics and among the many artists that Editions Sonet has successfully introduced in Sweden are James Coignard and Johannes Vennekamp. In addition to all the original graphics presented by these and other artists, Editions Sonet has also published a number of art books.



Jukka Tolonen Trio

Magnus Lindgren

Putte Wickman

Rydberg & Idenstam

Lars Ekström

Rune Öfwerman Trio

Sliding Hammers

Lisa Rydberg

Tony Scott

Jonas Knutsson & Johan Norberg

Dave Frishberg

Bengt Ernryd

Jojje Wadenius

Sofi Hellborg

The Real Group

Doug Sahm


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